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Strawberry Planet No. 1: MP3s and Icons

Strawberry Planet No. 1
Strawberry Planet No.1

You've reached Strawberry Planet No.1, my little MP3 rotation site/journal type thing which is also going to become my icon journal as well. It's undergoing some serious renovation right now, so if a few things don't make sense, yeah. ^^; Do read the rules before downloading.


1. First and foremost, NO direct linking. Which should be obvious. -.-;
2. I'm not really all that concerned about this one, but by law I have to put it: Delete the MP3s from your computer after 24 hours.
3. Download one song at a time.
4. To prove that you've read the rules, click on the ~ between the song and the artist to download the song. The songs are hosted at YouSendIt.
5. It's not really a rule, but I'd like it if you'd leave a comment telling me whether you like the song or not. But you don't have to.

1. First and foremost, credit me. Icon stealing is rude and disrespectful (not to mention annoying), and it takes no effort to credit someone. So do that.
3. Please comment. I won't hunt you down and rip your head off if you don't (unlike with the previous rule) but it's nice to know that my icons are beign used and who by.
2. As with the MP3s (even moreso here because the icons are actually hosted on my own bandwith), NO DIRECT LINKING.

1. I don't have an actual playlist made up yet, but you can request songs from any of the artists, bands, or anime listed in my userinfo. I may or may not have the song, but you can always try.
2. You may make two requests per rotation.
3. Requests are done by commenting, I doubt I'll get them if you try to e-mail them or something. ^^;

Links In
Working on the banners.

Links Out
Still working on these, too.


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Hybrid Genesis
Urban Strokes
Project Zero
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